Active Sites:

+Horizon [multi-fandom] (Since 9/16/00)
A collective in it's own right, solely for my fan fiction. Organized by fandom, contents include Salior Moon, Babylon 5, M*A*S*H, Harry Potter, The Sentinel, Band of Brothers, Sliders, Star Wars, Stargate, CUBE, and Card Captor Sakura. It's pretty much everything I've written in my tenure online... okay, so everything I'll admit to writing. ^_-

+One Act in a Tragedy [Star Wars] (Since 7/9/01)
Star Wars by the sweet-heart writer known as Ruby Flame Jedi Queen. Jointly maintained between the two of us, with my primary duty being layout design. ^^

+My Flesh is Glass and Steel [livejournal] (Since 2/24/04)
My livejournal. All my fanfiction posts are public, but otherwise it's mostly friends-only. Just ask, I'm always happy to meet new people. ^_^

+Diagnosis Kleptomania [Layout Archive] (Since 7/6/01)
A visual site history, evidence of my obsessive tendencies... call it what you will, it's still a layout archive.

Inactive Sites:

+The Evil Mad Scientists' Lair [Sailor Moon] (Since 7/29/00)
An archive dedicated to the works of cliff-hanger-lovin' ladies on the Sailor Moon Romance Fanfiction List.

+All the Lights Are On In Here [Sailor Moon, Humor] (Since 3/21/01)
A collection of Sailor Moon humor fics (some romantic, some not) from around the 'net.

+The Anakin and Amidala Databank [Star Wars] (Since 4/20/02)
An off-shoot of Starblazer's AniAmi rec thread on the Jedi Council Boards. Links to romantic Padme/Anakin and Padme/Vader fics.

+Definition of a Lady [Religious] (Since 3/6/01)
Images- and NOTHING ELSE- of the Virgin Mary. All are free for the taking, no linking required.

+Frozen Love[Sailor Moon] (Since 2/15/01)
A shrine to the love of Usagi and Demando, run by Mizu and Ingrid.

+Just Imouto [Sailor Moon] (Since 6/10/01)
An archive for the Sailor Moon and Fushigi Yuugi fanfiction of Anon Masako.

+Darth Fruitcake's Lair of Insanity [Star Wars] (Since 7/21/02)
Links to the crazy universe of Darth Fruitcake, author of 'The Skywalker/Solo Saga'.