10/08/05- Yeesh! I almost let this place hang for a whole year without updating. Shame of it all is that Horizon is really the place I keep most active, so the main collective seems to kind of suffer. ^^; I'm a dork, but at least it wasn't quite a whole year. ^^;; Our cover girl is still the elegant and glamorous Natalie Portman, this time from a recent photoshoot she did for a British Magazine. Doesn't she look just as classy as all the big names of the fifties? Amazing. Horizon and One Act in a Tragedy are still the two main sites getting updates around here, though I do plan to maybe have something new up soon. We'll see how it goes! Good luck, God speed, and don't have too much fun without me! ^_~

1/25/05 I've been meaning to change the layout since September... ^^; Yeah, I know, I'm slow. Anyway, it finally got to the point where looking at the same old thing was driving me bonkers. So here we are again with the amazingly talented and beautiful Natalie Portman, this time from the photoshoot in her most recent feature in Vogue. The twenties' style is very cute, even if I'm not crazy about all the eye make-up. ^^; Horizon and One Act in a Tragedy have both been updated with new layouts and fics several times over during the last six months. I'm thinking of redoing the organization of the whole site, but I'm not getting any clear ideas yet. We'll just have to see. That's all for now. ^_^

6/14/04- Four days shy of SIX WHOLE MONTHS between updates? Yikes, am I ever a bad, bad girl! I don't have much to offer, actually-- Horizon and One Act in a Tragedy are the two really active sites on this collective-- they both have extensive updates from the past few months. This version's layout features... someone who is not Natalie Portman! ^_~ Hamasaki Ayumi is our cover girl this time around, with images taken from her 'Hanabi' music video.
NOTICE: For the next three weeks (June 16th-July 8th) I will be in Japan. That's right, I'm doing it again! *squeals with barely concealed excitement* My friend and I are flying into Oosaka, staying two weeks near Fuji-yama, and then I will be traveling to stay with a family in Narita and work with their daughter as an English tutor. ^___^ I can't believe my luck.
Thanks as always for stopping by! Hopefully I won't take so long to update, next time.

12/18/03- Well, at least I managed to get in another update betfore the year is out. ^^;; Demando dot Net version #22 features (like you hadn't guessed) Natalie Portman images from a "Jane" magazine shoot done in 2000. Really pretty pictures-- I like this look better than the half-hearted 'sultry' thing she's trying to do at the moment. ANYWAY. While Horizon HAS been updated, I also finally have some other stuff, too! One Act in a Tragedy has been updated with a holiday layout and a bunch of new stuff from Ruby, and I also finally replaced the hideous layout at All the Lights are On in Here with a hopefully better one featuring Aino Minako. Also, the guestbooks are all finally working again-- so please sign! ^_~ I'm hoping to over-haul this place while on Christmas break, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and evil mad scientists....
Thanks for stopping by, as always!

8/16/03- Back from Japan! Actually, I've been back for a while, but what with settling back in, the upcoming school year, my birthday and an impromtu trip to California, I've been a bit busy. This is mostly just a cleaning update-- Version #21 features the hauntingly pretty Samara/Sadoko from "The Ring". I just fell in love with her character for some reason-- I looked from Ringu while I was in Japan, but couldn't find it ANYWHERE. *sigh* The low browser layout features a young Natalie Portman with really cute short hair.
On another housekeeping note, Bravenet deleted my guestbook, so I have a brand-new, empty one I'd love for you to sign! ^_~ Not that I'm desperate, or anyway. Other than that, the only site with new stuff is Horizon. And this surprised you?

6/10/03- First off, thanks as always for dropping in on my site. It's nice of you to take the time to surf in! Second, I have a little announcement placed right about here, if you're not too busy to read it. ^_^ And guess what? As you can see, this layout does not involve Padme! Shocking, isn't it? This layout's cover girl is the enchanting Ayumi Hamasaki, of J-pop fame. The images are from her photo book entitled "Hamasaki Republic", which was released a little after "Free and Easy" came out on single. Hamasaki-sama is so talented in so many different ways.
Sadly, I have little in the way of actual content updates. Horizon has a bunch of new fics, though. ^_^ As soon as I get back, Frozen Love will be getting an overhaul, I can assure you. And now, back to your regularly scheduled insanity. ^_^

5/2/03- That last layout was more than a bit wonky-- I apologize for taking so long to fix it. So, guess what? I hear you groaning, but we're back to Padme layouts (as if you hadn't noticed). Or rather, Natalie Portman. The picture was taken from a very adorable photo shoot done in the mid-nineties. All this pink is making me nervous, but what can one do? In site news, we new how a low browser version, just in case I pull one of my amazing screw-ups again. ^_^;;; As to actual updates, Horizon has a news section, three new stories and a new layout. I hope you'll take the time to give it a look-see. Don't forget to sign the guestbook, should it strike your fancy.

3/22/03- She may not be Padme, but Christina Ricchi also makes a wonderful cover-girl. She and Natalie have this... elegant baring and other-worldly look about them in common. So, here we are with a new, very blue layout inspired by a line from Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabelle Lee"-- "the moon never beams without bringing me dreams." In site news, Horizon has been updated with a new chapter of the Widow Skywalker and a ton of new M*A*S*H fics. Hawkeye is kind of addicting, actually. ^_^ The Ani/Ami Databank has received a new look and is in the process of a rather large overhaul. Also, One Act in a Tragedy has a makeover and new fics by Ruby-- definitely a must see! That's about it for now-- don't forget to sign the guestbook, should it strike your fancy.

1/25/03- Hey, I made a layout and it didn't involve Padme! ^_^ Maybe I will kick the habit after all... ^_~ Erm, or not. Anyway, our lovely cover girl this time is the beautifully gothic Christina Ricchi(sp?), who plays Katrina in Sleepy Hollow. *sigh* Lots of red in this layout, but that seems to happen. Hmmm... let's see. I think the only update for now is Horizon, which has a bunch of new fics and a semi-new layout. Geeze, I'm empty handed this time. I promise I do have more in the works. Enjoy, and please sign the guestbook!

12/17/02- Well, so much for my non-padme themed layouts. ^^; It's not my fault! I have all these beautiful screen caps begging to be used. ^___^;; So, the new layout features my favrite SW goddess, dressed as she was on Tatooine. But that's not all! Horizon has a new layout and about eight new stories/chapters! One Act in a Tragedy has also had a decore change and new fics posted-- Ruby's on a roll, so I'll be adding more soon. Just Imouto has received it's seasonal makeover. Enjoy, and please sign the guestbook!

11/5/02- Winter has arrived at last! The cold, the darkness, the ice and delicious wind... *dies of happiness* You have no idea how much better I feel now that it's freezing and rainy. ^_^;;; Ahem-- anyway, the onset of winter is in part responsible for my sudden inspiration and productivity. And, look! Our cover girl is someone other than Padme for once! This layout's lovely lady is Carolyn Saunderson, the tragic love interest of Bester (gag) from Babylon 5. Now, onto site stuff. First of all, go check out the new style ofHorizon-- it's become my central fic archive, not only for Sailor Moon anymore. Tons of new fics are up, so I hope you enjoy. Fade to Stardust has also been updates with a whole slew of new chapters and fics, thanks to our glorious Amazoness Duo. And-- get ready for a shock-- All the Lights are On in Here has been updated as well! First time in a year... hehhehehe. ^^; That's about it for now!

9/16/02- First of all, happy 2nd birthday to Horizon! In honor of this occassion, Horizon has a new layout, and a new chapter of The Will of Heaven. No, seriously, I wrote more! As you can tell, we also have a new layout for the mainsite. I know it's a little off the wall, but I hope it doesn't give you trouble navigating. Someday, I'll have someone other than Padme as cover girl. ^^;

Anyway! I am pleased to announce that tw new sites have been added to Demando dot Net. The first is Move the Stars, an archive for my newest romantic obsession, TomoyoXSakura. ^_^ The second is an archive for the glorious work of the Amazoness Duo-- go check out Fade to Stardust.

Glass Halo has a new layout, and a new chapter of 'Where Ever I am To You', while the EMSL has new fics and it's own birthday layout. Hope you all enjoy! ^_^

7/21/02- By now, you probably know I have a tendency to screw up layouts while uploading new ones. ^^; Well, it's happened again, and this is the quickie replacement, which actually doesn't look as bad as I firs thought it did, though I was ticked at myself for using the roses again... that's the fourth layout. Oh, well, no more roses for a while, what do you say? ^_^;;; I do like the picture of Padme-- the layout was inspired by an episode of Vampire Miyu, "The Sepai Colored Photograph". Now, onto news! First off, Horizon has been updated with a new story, and a new layout. Don't pass out on me yet-- I know it's a suprise! Glass Halo has also received a decor change, and new fics. Just Imouto has been given an over haul, and we have a brand new site! Please welcome a new hostee, Darth Fruitcake, and her Lair of Insanity! As if that isn't enough, One Act in a Tragedy has also been updated. Keep a sharp eye out-- the EMSL turns two years old n the 29th!

6/24/02- Yay, an update within the geological century! ^^; Ahem-- as you can see, we have another layout featuring the glorious Padme. I'm only mildly pleased with this one, but you can't win them all, ne? Glass Halo has been updated with at least six new fics, and A Passing Storm has a new layout. *grins* That's about it for now!

5/18/02- Taken me long enough, hasn't it? I'm not dead, I'm just the mother of triplets. ^_~ I'm happy to announce we have a new site in our humble collective! That brings us up to a total of thirteen! Please take a look at The Ani/Ami Databank, which I'm now running with the lovely StarBlazer. Also, One Act in a Tragedy has been updated with new stories. And... I saw Episode Two on opening day! *happy sigh* It kicks so much theatrical ass, it's not even funny. ^_^ Look out for a Glass Halo update soon!

3/2/02- Well, thanks to another one of my amazing screw-ups, not only did I mess up the last layout, but I lost my entire site history. I'm just so brilliant. ^^; Anyway... this layout was brought to you by being rushed. I'm physically incapable of letting the site look like crap for long. Ahhhhh... but that's not all! Horizon has been updated with three new stories and a whole new look! Tempest Adore has a new layout and a bushel of Star Wars fics, as only Kendall can write them. Not only this, but One Act in a Tragedy has new stories and a new look, plut Glass Halo has received a face-lift. Diagnosis Kleptomania has been updated as well.