Welcome, weary traveler. You've stumbled upon The Demando Network, bringing you glimpses of the strange, evil, and just plain disturbing since March of 2001. That's almost four years... positively ancient, aren't we?

My main vice is fanfiction, and that's what you'll find around here. Fanfiction, fanfiction, and fanfiction-- enough to choke the cavalry, if we still had one. ^_~ Scattered amidst the rest of the site you'll find fan art, humor, sci fi, hosted sites, Japanese culture, and more than a little religious heresy. Our namesake is Demando-oujisama, the white prince of Bishoujo Senshi Serra Muun, better known in the US as simply Sailor Moon. Though my interest in that particular anime has waned, Demando still holds a special little place in my heart. You always remember your first two dimensional crush, am I right?

You'll find that I am sort of a slash addict. (Okay, so there's no 'sort of' about it.) I have a terrible tendency to pick up fandom obsessions where ever I roam. Currently, such fandoms include Stargate: SG-1, The Sentinel, Forever Knight, Harry Potter, Band of Brothers, Crusade, Card Captor Sakura, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, CUBE, Resident Evil, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica (2003), The 4400 and, most recently, Firefly .

I also write Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars gen, with a canon Padme/Anakin twist, and occasionally return to Babylon 5 and Sliders, the fandoms that brought me online in the first place.

Hey, I TOLD you I had a lot of fanfiction around here. ^___^;;;

Meredith's Sites

Enough fanfiction to successfully choke a cavalry. ^_^;;;
A Strange, Unearthly Glow: pretty soldier sailor moon|
+Glass Halo : star wars|
+Goes Around : Harry Potter|
+At Least You Have Me : m*a*s*h|
+Internal Destination : stargate: sg-1|
+Everglow : misc fandoms-- cube, babylon 5, sakura, band of brothers, the sentinel ect|
+Passing Storm : older works-- sliders, sailormoon, babylon 5|

[Evil Mad Scientist's Lair] STATIC Fic archive for those writers of the SMRFF who like to torture their readers with cliffhangers.
|pretty soldier sailor moon|

[All the Lights are on in Here] STATIC BSSM humor archive.
|pretty soldier sailor moon|

[The Anakin and Amidala Databank] STATIC A link listing of A/A (A/P and V/P) fics posted to the Jedi Council fan fiction boards.
|star wars|

[Definition of a Lady]
Images of the Virgin Mary.

[Diagnosis Kleptomania]
Layout archive.

Hosted Sites

[Frozen Love] (mizu & ingrid) STATIC A shrine to the ill-fated romance of Tsukino Usagi and Demando Blackmoon.
|pretty soldier sailor moon|

[Fade to Stardust] (the amazoness duo)
Shoujo Ai fics written by the Amazoness Duo. STATIC |sailor moon, card captor sakura, kaitou st. tail, kingdom hearts, rockman x, ect|

[Just Imouto] (anon) STATIC
An archive of fan fiction written by Anon Masako.
|sailor moon, fushigi yuugi|

[One Act in a Tragedy] (ruby flame jedi queen)
Star Wars fanfiction written by Ruby Flame Jedi Queen. Mostly Anakin/Padme.
|star wars|

[Darth Fruitcake's Lair of Insanity] (darth fruitcake) STATIC A site for the humor series spawned on the Jedi Council boards-- "Skywalker/Solos".
|star wars|

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